Small renos tips that will save you a small fortune...

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Small renos tips that will help you to change your property without spending a fortune:

1) Change your old yellow light switches and old power points for new ones. See an electrician if needed
2) Change your yellow and dark bolts for nice white and bright ones. See an electrcian if needed.
3) Buy fertiliser seeds from your local supplier (usually Bunnings) and grow your grass. It's always better having green grass than dust. 
4) Change your old and usually gold looking door locks and handles for moderm ones. See a carpetner if needed.
5) If you want to paint your property, paint one room at the time. 
6) If you are looking to do a makeover on your windows, study the possibility to paint the aluminium instead of changing the whole window. 
7) If you have a Timber deck, make sure the decking boards are in good contidion and you oil the deck regularly. See a carpenter or painter if needed.

More to come soon...