That’s a very good question. Before we answer, we usually invite you to call us for a quick discussion. On that discussion, here are some important points that we will raise for your consideration: –

Age and condition of the existing house. As an example, if the existing house is between 30 to 50 years old, has cracks through the walls and ceiling, the foundation’s don’t look solid and to be honest, you will not like to live there in a short term, pretty much the answer is straight forward… Let’s Demolish and Build!. Give us a call!!, our team will help you from the start to the completion and save you headaches!!! Our team has processes in place to help you with the demolition, design and construction of the New Build based on previous good experiences with our customers. –

Have you had a look at the houses in the same street? Have you checked your neighbour’s houses? This will give you a good indication of the area and if it worth it for your pocket without overcapitalizing. Let’s try to be honest again … if you are the oldest or ugliest house on the street or one of them, and you have brand new homes or full renovated homes around, it doesn’t hurt to call us to be able to give you a quote for Demolish and Build New or for Renovate the existing house. We may be able to keep the structural parts of the house and go from there and save you some dollars and time.

Again, Demolish to Build New or Renovate doesn’t have to be a painful process is you have the right team like ours.
Why us? here is why:

  1. We have allocated staff to help you with the design stage with our independent drafting team which usually are extremely quick. At SDC, we have different teams, we have the ones that loved the colonial Hamptons style, and on the other hand, we have the team that likes architectural or modern/affordable finishes.. either way, we got you covered!!
  2. Once we have the set of plans or a concept of the layout, we can run the numbers and give you an estimate of the construction costs… That can be for a New Build or for a Renovation or Extension. This will help you to make a decision regarding going for a Demolition and Build New… or Renovate.
  3. After making your decision about Demolishing – Building New or Renovating, we will organize the final plans, engineer details, soil test, boundary certificate, bush fire area certificate or any document we believe the Private Certifier or Council will need.
  4. While all the above documents are getting prepare, we will confirm the previously estimated price – or if needed, we will run new numbers after few modifications made… whatever is the way, we are happy to give you a fixed price with allowances in case needed.
  5. Our professional staff will make sure all details are in the estimate/quote proposal for your revision. Even if this takes a lot of revisions. We want to make sure we hear you and we got it right more importantly!!
  6. Once all details and pricing as been sorted, we proceed to sign a contract and schedule a Start date!!!!! SUPER exciting!!!!!!

Still not sure? Just call us  on +61 0437 232 133. Our team will be happy to have a chat and arrange a FREE Appointment